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Sponsorships & Beneficiaries

Learn about the beneficiaries that we sponsor as well as their story...

Exceptionn’Elles Gazelles 
November, 2024 - Marocco


We are happy to sponsor the team Exceptionn’Elles Gazelles – Tina – Jeanette – Gaëlle – who will participate in the 4the edition of the Trek'in Gazelles taking place in the Moroccan desert on the 10th to the 16th of November 2024.


It’s a 100 % feminine 4-day trek with about 20 km per day. It's an event that respects the environment and is certified as havingresponsible and supportive values. It’s about covering the fewest kilometers every day and locating the most beacons. It’s about taking strategic decisions, choosing the right directions, working together… No GPS, just a map, a compass, a ruler, common sense and a strong teamwork.


Follow them at:

September, 2020 - New York


We sponsored and attended a catwalk during fashion week in New York City for a group of Swedish individuals with disabilities. The documentary film Catwalk is a manifestation for a Sweden and a future where everyone gets to dream, everyone is equally as worthy and everyones abilities are being utilised.

January 2024 - Sweden



Tennis is probably the most global and competitive sport in the world. The best players in the world are extremely professional and most of them have big teams around them working together to maximise the players development and carrier.

Our vision is to give this opportunity to our players for a more price efficient set up that suits the young upcoming player but with the same quality team around them as for the top players. 

With the team of Thomas Enqvist we will secure the necessary experience and competence to mentor, guide and coach the player and his/her coaches to give them the best chance to reach our full potential. 

Project for T.E.A.M

IBS Tennis Academy

Help and mentor the tennis academy. We strive to teach the true values of sport that will help the student not only to get a better tennis player but also to have tools through the sport that they will use for the rest of their lives in their self development. 

Swedish National Team in 
Para Table tennis
October, 2023 - Paris, France

We followed the Swedish para national team to Paris for the Velodrome National at Saint Quentin en Yvelines during one of the selection rounds for the olympic games in 2024. 

In para table tennis, there are two categories: 1-5 is for handicapable in a wheelchair; 6-11 is for those who could stand up but with different limitations. The games are played in 3 sets with a victory by the 11:th point (which could continue up to 5 sets to reach a two point difference). 


The para table tennis is the third dicipline in the Olympic games based on the amount of players.

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